Gwen Gutwein
Morning Mist on Seven Sisters
Oil on canvas

“Several years ago I visited Wing Haven for the first time. 

I was enamored by the old log cabin buried in the woods and the caretaker’s home nestled in its beautiful setting with a dense canopy of trees behind.  At that time I didn’t take the trek down to the little lake.  Instead I set up my easel and did a painting of a beautiful teepee dappled with dancing light.  It was a lovely warm day and I left there satisfied with my painting.

Earlier this summer I again drove up to Wing Haven in anticipation of what the day may have in store for me.   This time I did visit the lake.  I knew then that I wanted to do a painting of the scene that had unfolded in front of me.

I returned at sunrise several days later to this captivating scene of the lake.  The earliest light and its warmth prompted a mist to rise from the placid water.  I spent a number of hours in view of this lovely lake mesmerized by the slowly changing light and glow on the rising mist. 

The mist and the light suffused the distant trees and the even further distant shoreline, which were bathed in soft cool hues and permeated light.

I sat and listened to the early birds and the rustle of the grasses in the occasion breeze.  I watched the fish swim in lazy loops in the clear shallow water near my feet.  

The day slowly took over. 

It is this scene so peaceful and hypnotic that so transfixed me.   I wanted to capture the essence of this time at this place and express its beauty on canvas. “

-Gwen Gutwein

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