About Ecological Reflections

WHAT: A 200-year project compiling commissioned work by artists and scientists, an investigation into and reflection on how a particular place changes through time.

WHERE: ACRES Wing Haven preserve near Angola with an artist studio and rich diversity of plants, birds, mammals, and aquatic species in 3 major ecosystems: glacially carved kettle-hole lakes bordered by a wetland fen system; upland forests; rolling grasslands/meadows.

WHEN: 2017 – 2217

WHY: A short-term project of 200 years helps you and future generations visualize land in the scale of forever. Curating work in the arts and sciences from a specific place over two centuries will provide a wealth of content, inspiring people to see land and its protection in a new way.

HOW: ACRES is working with professionals to outline art commissioning guidelines and science protocols.

To fund the project, ACRES has placed seed money in an endowment and will use interest on this endowment to pay artists and scientists. The Lupke Foundation, Steuben County Community Foundation, Edward & Hildegarde Schaefer Foundation, Edward M. and Mary McCrea Wilson Foundation, and the Dr. Samuel D., and Martha B. and Mabel I. Sledd Foundation are supporting the project. This project is also made possible by the support of the Indiana Arts Commission, Arts United and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

ACRES’ goal is for the endowment to reach $1 million. At this level, the project will support a full-fledged artist in residence program with artists living and creating art at Wing Haven for 3 to 6 months, and robust ongoing science research on the property.

About ACRES Land Trust

ACRES protects our local working land and natural areas – forever.

ACRES provides more than 70 miles of trails open from dawn to dusk across our region.

Our mission is to protect local land.

In support of our mission, ACRES Land Trust:

  • acquires and owns land: working land, forests, wetlands, native grasslands, unique geologic formations and habitat for rare, threatened and endangered species.
  • manages land with a priority on protecting natural resources and minimizing human impact.
  • actively manages non-native invasive plants to re-establish or establish our native plants.
  • promotes the knowledge and appreciation of natural areas as living systems to which you belong.
  • educates communities about the importance of natural areas and their preservation.
  • encourages preserve use, provides trails, and offers guides on natural areas’ trail systems.
  • develops scientific, educational and public recreation use of natural areas.
  • strategically collaborates with and encourages other organizations and individuals to partner in and promote our mission.
  • celebrates the success of our members in protecting our local places.

ACRES Land Trust values:

  • a growing awareness of people’s place within and responsibility to the natural world.
  • the intrinsic and diverse benefits of natural places and the life they sustain.
  • individuals’, families’ and communities’ compelling desire to preserve our local land.
  • owning and managing land as a means to protect it.
  • a long-term perspective in planning, decision-making and acting on behalf of future generations.

For more about ACRES, click here.