About ACRES Land Trust’s Ecological Reflections

From 2017 to 2217, ACRES Land Trust’s Ecological Reflections project will commission artists, humanities scholars and scientists to create a deep understanding of our Wing Haven nature preserve near Angola, Indiana, and the way we interpret land.

ACRES is not only studying nature, but the way we interact with and view our land.

ACRES’ Ecological Reflections project will fund robust scientific research and commission art and humanities through 2217. As we amass 200 years of science, artwork and writings on Wing Haven, we will gain insight on how people view their connection to nature, the impacts of land use and how Indiana’s changing land ethic alters the landscape.

In nature’s time frame, 200 years isn’t very long. But natural areas that thrive for millennia can be altered overnight by human activity.

Art you an artist or humanitarian interested in contributing to this project? ACRES is currently accepting proposals for 2023, with a submission deadline of April 28, 2023.



Ken Jehle Wing Haven Chamber MusicClassical Guitar As a musician, nature enthusiast and longtime supporter of ACRES Land Trust, I am very excited about the Wing Haven Ecological Reflections Arts, Humanities, and Sciences project. This 200-year project commissions an artist once a year to create a work. At the end of this “short-term” project, it …